For fitness success… Just add water!

Whether your usual workout of choice is endurance training, HIIT or yoga, adding water fitness classes to your weekly routine means you can train harder and challenge your muscles in totally different ways and get even better results without fear of injury or pain.

Water fitness allows for a very different training experience as it can be up to 800 times more supportive than air, but up to 15 times more resistant to any movement you make. Water is a great workout tool by providing an accommodating resistance: the harder you push in the water, the harder the water pushes back. So no matter what fitness level you’re at, as long as you are working your hardest, the water will give you a great workout!

There is a misconception that water fitness is just for the older generations, those who are less fit or for people who are recovering from injuries or not for those who can’t handle “real” exercise where you go to jump up and down in the pool with a noodle. It’s clear how this may deter some women, and many men, from looking to the pool for a more intense workout…. Wrong! While the water is a logical choice of workout environment for older people looking to increase their fitness in a low impact manner, Active Life offer numerous water fitness classes for almost any interest, age or ability level. With Olympic and professional athletes training strength, power and flexibility in the water, the stigma attached to water fitness is unjustifiable. Here’s what you need to know about why you should be working out in the pool!

Water fitness is a true full body workout. Gentle on your joints and great for toning up, Water Fitness classes are pool based workouts that focus on cardio and conditioning, and getting muscles working against the resistance of the water, elevating the heart rate and burning calories. It’s not just your heart and muscles that stand to benefit from a Water Fitness class. Working out in water is also fantastic for your internal organs and lymphatic system. Hydrostatic pressure, turbulence and buoyancy assist in venous return which is the flow of blood back to the heart, and lymphatic drainage. These extra benefits help explain why participants feel so good after a class, because the body is invigorated and refreshed rather than exhausted.

Water fitness is a safe and balanced workout. Water Fitness helps you balance out muscle groups that may have become uneven through repetitive actions. Working out in water provides equal resistance through your full range of motion, a phenomenon known as double concentric muscle action. This can be explained using the example of a basic exercise of kicking your legs from below the knee. When straightening the leg, the quads are shortening while expending energy and facilitating the extension at the knee. The lower leg is pushing against the water, lifting the load. Then the hamstrings shorten while expending energy to bring the heel towards the glutes while the calf area is pushing the water back and up. This results in balanced muscle action around the knee.

Exercising in the water offers protection for your joints. When you do an exercise on land, like jogging, you get an impact on your joints but when you exercise in the water, you don’t have any gravity forcing your body weight down onto your joints. Just because exercising in water is softer on joints does not mean it is a softer workout. Working out in water means your muscles are forced to work harder, burning more fat and toning them up faster than land-based exercises. This is because every movement you make in the water means you are fighting against its resistance, so you get a much more intense workout than you would by exercising ordinarily.

Our Water Fitness instructors are fantastic. We’ve got a pretty awesome team working here at Active Life. All our instructors are carefully selected and are at the top of their game. What’s more, they’re all fully dedicated to getting you motivated and working hard in the water.

So, if your normal workouts are getting a little dull and you want to mix things up, consider heading over to the pool and checking out a Water Fitness class. No, it’s not just a gentle splash about in the pool, exercising in the water is actually just as intense a workout as on dry land!

Water Fitness Classes at Active Life
AQUA (14+) An effective total body workout where you are immersed in a fun environment and can choose your intensity level in this low impact class in the shallow end of the pool.
AQUA ATTACK (14+) For those who want a Water Fitness class that packs an extra little punch, this class offers a higher intensity than that of our standard aqua workout.
AQUA STEP (14+) Aqua Step uses a step in the water to increase the intensity of your workout while taking away the pressure on your joints.
AQUA NATAL Beneficial in all stages of pregnancy, this class can help your body to prepare for labour whilst helping your mind to relax and giving you the gentle workout you need
DEEP AQUA (14+) Taking place at the deep end of the pool you are suspended by buoyancy belts to improve total body strength and tone.
WATERWORKS (14+) An effective total body workout where you are immersed in a fun environment and can choose your intensity level in this low impact class in the shallow end of the pool.

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