As you have probably noticed, our fitness classes are really, really popular. That’s a good thing. But, we have had to develop some booking rules to ensure that it’s fair for everyone. 

As most of our studio users are now aware, we recently introduced some changes to our booking and cancellation policy for studio classes. We did this to improve your experience when booking and attending classes as there were lots of fully booked classes running with spaces, and classes were becoming fully booked from midnight, 7 days in advance. We appreciated this frustration and changed the booking times to open from the preferred time of 6:00am, 7 days in advance. We also changed the minimum cancellation times to make them more straightforward and fair. So far, we have seen a reduction in cancellation charges and great improvement in class numbers.

We also introduced a higher no-show fee of £10, which we need to implement to give an incentive to those who do not attend and fail to cancel their space ahead of the class start time and allow that space to go to another member as soon as possible. Due to the volume of appeals that we receive, our team were instructed to cease the waiving of the fees for “unfortunate” circumstances like traffic jams, sickness, childcare issues, etc… as administering those appeals is not feasible and not the burden of the company to bear. We do however, understand that on the rare occasion where something unavoidable does crop up at the last minute, there are occasionally genuine reasons why you might not be able to cancel a booking in good time.  We have listened to your feedback and effective immediately, we are introducing a “3 Strike” system into our cancellation procedure. Each year, all members will be given 3 “strikes” that will be removed each time a late cancellation occurs for up to 3 instances. We feel that this should be sufficient for those times when there is no opportunity to cancel a booking within the time frames of our policy because of a genuine emergency.

We are also reducing the no-show charge from £10 to the same rate as a non-member class rate.

This is an ongoing process of finding a balance that works for everybody, and we love to hear your thoughts, so please feel free to get in touch with any suggestions or comments you might have by emailing

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