By introducing your baby to swimming from an early age, you are starting them on a habit that will last a lifetime and teaching them an important and potentially life-saving skill. A fun and rewarding experience, Water Babies sessions help build the bond and trust between you and your baby. It’s also a great way to exercise and offers a valuable life skill from a qualified instructor.

LITTLE FLOATERS  3 – 12 months
Introducing young children to water.
You can begin introducing your baby to the water as early as you feel comfortable from 10 weeks old. Because a safe and relaxing introduction to water is so important, our Little Floaters sessions are designed to make sure that both you and your baby are made to feel comfortable as you begin your sessions. We explore how to enter and exit the water safely and start with fun and calm activities. We introduce wetting the babies face and encourage gentle splashing with the hands. With constant adult support, your baby will be introduced to the sensation of moving through water and floating with support. Movement patterns, such as reaching for toys and simple leg movement patterns are introduced to set the foundations for swim stroke development as they move through the Waterbabies stages.

LITTLE SPLASHERS  12 – 24 months
Building confidence and independence.
Once the basics have been covered, this stage of our Waterbabies programme centres around enhancing the skills that were introduced in the previous stage. Toddlers of this age are usually craving independence and so we begin to ensure that vital water safety habits are formed to keep your little one safe while they have fun. Little Splashers sessions are full of sensory fun and laughter as you start to see your child enjoying the splashes, sprinkles, bubbles and waves! We encourage paddling with hands and feet and explore putting faces and dipping chins in the water. We introduce fun games like throwing toys and reaching to grab, that work towards building the motor skills required for kicking and moving through the water, all with continued adult support.

LITTLE KICKERS  24 – 36 months
Developing movement and water skills.
As your toddler’s confidence and independence grow, we start to prepare them for the next stage in their swimming journey. Using a mixture of adult support and swimming aids, we start to progress what we have already implemented in the previous stages. Floating, travelling and rotating in the water are all encouraged with the level of support that you and your child are comfortable with. We start to introduce achievable distance targets and more fun games to explore below the surface of the water. In this stage we slowly introduce breathing techniques in a fun and effective way… So be prepared to blow lots of bubbles in the water in these sessions! By the time your child reaches the end of this stage, they will have the perfect foundation of skills to feel confident and ready to begin their Nursery swim lessons.

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For available sessions, please contact the Swimming Coordinator at your local swimming pool on the details below.

Kingsmead Leisure Centre – Laura Green | 01227 812486 |
Herons Leisure Centre – Emmie Leaver | 01227 743782 |
Whitstable Swimming Pool – Dale Bicker | 01227 772442 |
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