What does one (1) activity per day mean?

From the 28th September 2020 we will enter the next phase of our re-opening plan and allow eligible members the chance to book a daily activity up to 7 days in advance. This can include a Group Exercise class, gym or swim, maximum of 7 activities per week. Whilst we have reduced capacity, we need to ensure every member gets a fair use opportunity and that everyone is safe within the centre.  We will constantly monitor this and update you as soon as we are ready for the next phase.

Does the ‘1 activity per day’ policy affect ‘Anytime’, ‘Daytime’ or ‘Gym and Swim’ memberships?

Anytime, Daytime and Gym and Swim memberships also have one (1) activity per day. For full restrictions and access for each of these memberships please refer to the T&C’s – https://www.fusion-lifestyle.com/post-covid-terms-and-conditions/

Will I be charged if I don’t attend a booked activity?

To implement our fair use policy, you will be charged a no-show fee if you do not turn up to a booked session or cancel within the 24hour notice period (unless the booking is taken by another member).

My Centre is still closed. When will my membership restart?

You will be updated via email, social media and website giving you clear information as to when your centre will reopen and the phasing of facilities.  Once your centre reopens, we will communicate with you when your direct debit will commence.

What will happen to the date of my annual membership renewal?

We will extend the renewal date of your membership and any associate memberships by the number of full calendar months the centre has been closed.

If my centre is still closed when will my membership restart?

Please contact your centre team, the best way to reach them is by email via the website.  To cancel or freeze your membership please go to the Fusion website, contact us page.

I want to stay on freeze, what are my options?

We have been listening to our member feedback and understand that some of our members may not be ready to come back straight away. Any members wishing to continue with a membership freeze just need to let us know and we will arrange for your direct debit to be £10 freeze fee until the 1st October, after which your normal direct debit will resume.

Are you still going to offer your online and app-based exercise content?

Yes, Fusion @ Home will still be available for our members and we are currently looking at other options.

I don’t have the Active Life app, how do I go about getting it?

All visits to the centre must be booked online in advance. Downloading the app is easy, just go to your device’s App Store or Play Store, search for Active Life and click download. You will find a simple step by step guide to follow, which will help you with the initial registration and then how to navigate the app. For help using the app, please contact one of the centres.

My employer is paying my membership through GymFlex, what should I do?

We will extend your membership with us, through GymFlex, for the full calendar months the centre have been closed, but if you have any questions about payments, or membership queries, then you would need to talk to your employer or GymFlex directly as they manage your membership.

I have contacted the centre and am still waiting for a reply?

We continue to have a limited number of team members who have returned to work and are responding to members who have contacted us in order, as quickly as possible. We appreciate this is taking slightly longer than usual but ask you to please bear with us, we will reply as soon as we can.

If I am a concessionary priced member what facilities am I able to use?

Our concession members are able to access all of our indoor activities within the current parameters of each individual concession type. The outdoor lido is not included in these membership types and an additional payment of £8 per swim is due, the most cost effective membership if you wish to access the lido regularly is the gym and swim only membership.

How long is the swimming session?

When you book, you will select a 10 minute entry window. Once you have entered the pool, you then have a 50 minute swim. Please exit the pool at the end of your allocated time as there will be other swimmers waiting to start their swim.

What do I do when I arrive?

When you arrive, please wait away from the building until the start of your allocated entry window. This will help us to avoid queues and allow us to check-in swimmers as quickly as possible. At the start of your 10-minute entry window, please enter the queue and the team will direct you from there. Once at the reception desk, please use the hand sanitiser provided before accessing the facility.

I am a member; how do I access the sessions?

All swimmers, whether members or non-members, will need to use the turnstiles and their Fusion card to access the pool. If you don’t have a card or have lost your card the team will be able to provide you with one when you come for your swim session.

Can I use the changing rooms, lockers and toilets?

Some showers, changing rooms and lockers will be available, however to help us manage the safety of our staff and other pool users, please help us to keep these clean and reduce the amount of time you need to use these for wherever possible, i.e. arriving with your costume on under your clothes and showering at home after your swim.

Can children attend the sessions?

Adult Lane Swimming sessions are available to those aged 16+. Under 16’s will not be allowed access to the pool in these times, regardless of swimming ability

Where family sessions are available our swimming pool admission policy applies. All children under 4 years must be supervised by an adult (aged 16+) on a 1 to 1 basis. Children aged 4-7 years must be supervised by one adult to a maximum of 2 children. If this minimum supervision is not provided, we will not be able to allow entry to the session

Programmes vary by site as we manage a phased reopening, please check your centre’s available bookings for sessions and availability.

How do I swim safely once I’m in the pool?

The pool has been split into wide lanes and the number of swimmers at any one time has been reduced, giving you plenty of space while swimming. Please select your lane based on your ability, these will be marked by signs at the end of each lane. Please follow the directional signage while swimming around the lane and if you need to take a break, move to the corner of the lane to allow others to pass.

Please avoid overtaking while swimming. Consider changing lanes during the session if this is not an appropriate lane for your swimming speed.

The capacity of our family swimming sessions has been vastly reduced to provide plenty of space for families to swim safely. There are no designated areas for each family so while there will be adequate space for all, please remember to keep a safe social distance from other pool users outside of your family or household.


We ask you to remember this is new to our staff but we endeavour to make things as easy and safe for you as possible as we know this is a new environment for all of us so we will learn as we go along.

How long is the Gym session?

When you book, you will select an available time slot to attend your gym session. You have from the start time of that session up to 9 minutes post start time to enter the centre. If later than 9 minutes post the start time, you will not be allowed to enter.

Once you have entered the centre, you then have 50 minutes to use the gym. So, for example if your gym session starts at 10:00 you can enter the gym from between 10:00 and 10:09 and your session will end at 11:00.

Please exit the gym at the end of your allocated time as there will be others waiting to enter at their allocated slot. This is to ensure we are always at or below our gym floor capacity at any one time to ensure we are adhering to government guidelines.

What should I bring with me? 

The water fountains are out of use so bring a large bottle of water with you. Please do not bring a towel for your workout. Blue roll will be provided and please place blue roll in the bins provided once used. Do not leave around the gym floor.

What do I do when I arrive for my gym session?

When you arrive, please wait away from the building until the start of your session. This will help us to avoid queues and allow us to check-in gym users as quickly as possible. At the start of you of your 9-minute entry window as outlined in question 1, please enter the queue and the team will direct you from there.

Once at the reception desk, please use the hand sanitiser provided before accessing the facility.

Please keep use of any machine to a maximum 10 minutes, and please always keep to social distancing guidelines.

I am a member; how do I access the sessions?

All Gym users, whether members or non-members, will need to use the turnstiles and their Fusion card to access the gym. If you don’t have a card or have lost your card the team will be able to provide you with one when you come for your Gym Session. Your Gym session should be booked in advance on the Fusion booking app. If you haven’t booked a designated timeslot you will not be permitted entry. If you are more than 9 minutes after the start of your gym booking you will not be permitted entry

Can I use the changing rooms, lockers and toilets?

Changing rooms and lockers are currently out of use and we ask that gym/ studio users arrive pre-changed, using the designated areas for towels and bags. There will be an accessible toilet which will be cleaned regularly.

What is the cleaning process in the gym?

We ask that all members adhere to social distancing guidelines and our capacities and gym layouts are designed to ensure these can be followed. We also ask that you wipe kit down before and after use. There will also be a hand sanitising station so please ensure you use this before and after your gym session.

We will have a member of staff on duty on the gym floor cleaning and sanitising kit during our opening hours also. And we will also have kit cleaned in between session start and end times.

Can I train with a friend/buddy?

There are no “buddy” sessions to take place – we cannot prove that you live in the same house, so we ask you train alone

Why is there a reduced class timetable?

We have designed the timetable to be safe for our staff and customers.  With limited capacities we have designed tables that we believe will suit everyone.

Why are the classes only 30 or 45 mins long?

We have designed our timetable to ensure we have enough time between each class to carry out our thorough cleaning procedures. It also means we can run more classes throughout the day, giving everyone a chance to enjoy a class.

How are we keeping our members safe?

We’ll be carefully managing the capacity of our classes and are asking members to pre-book their space for every class via our mobile app.

We’re setting up our studios to ensure that all equipment is spaced at least 2 metres apart, with social distancing markings in place to help members keep apart.

Where we can, we’re will also be using larger parts of our centres, such as sports halls, tennis courts and outdoor areas to give customers more space during classes.

We will be cleaning all equipment and accessories after each session to ensure everyone is safe.  You can also bring your own cleaning wipes if you wish.

I am not a member, how do I book online? [We have have moved this up here from the ‘other’ section below]


When do sessions become available?

Slots are released 6 days in advance for non members and 7 days in advance for members at midnight daily.

There is a booking slot available tomorrow, how do I book an extra session tomorrow that does not affect my usage?

You can do this through the ‘Extra’ booking option available through the website or the app.

Can I cancel or change a booking?

If you are a pay as you go member, as per our T&Cs your booking is non transferable and non-refundable. However, if you are a member, you must cancel your booking through the website or the app with at least 24 hours notice. This will allocate your usage back to your account. Cancelling within the 24hour notice period will use your usage and also incur a no show charge unless the booking is taken by another member.

I have a question about my child’s swim academy?

Please visit our swim academy FAQ page for more information


Why are you letting new members join when the club is restricted to existing members?

We are aware that our centres have varying capacity available – however we will be continuously monitoring this, and we will review our decision if necessary.

Has anyone been maintaining the facilities whilst they have been temporarily shut?

Yes, whilst we have been closed, we have been routinely visiting each of the centre to perform statutory and regulatory inspections and testing, along with general maintenance activities, to ensure the standards are maintained ready to reopen.

Will you notify me if I you think I may have come into contact with a person who has tested positive for Covid-19 whilst at the centre?

We will fully comply with all government advice regarding this, supporting the government’s track and trace system.  Its important that we have all your correct details such as mobile and email and all users of the centre must have their photograph taken, so bear this in mind when you visit.

What happens if my centre is in an area that has a local lockdown?

We will follow both the government and local authority advice if this happens and keep all our members fully informed. Certainly, at this stage we may restrict memberships with multi centre access privilege rights to stay within borough.

How are you going to ensure you monitor how many people are in the centre at any one time?

Our booking and front of house systems complimented by team members ensure that we stay within government and industry guidance.

Are changing rooms open?

No, for now these will remain closed to you should come prepared to work out or swim and beach change for swimming and shower and change once you’ve returned home.

When will courts, pitches, soft play and swim school restart?

We’re pleased to announce that some of our Swim schools are restarting on the 21st of September 2020. In terms of courts, pitches and soft play, we are currently liaising with local authorities on this and will update you when we have more information to share.

How old is an adult on a membership?

16 years and older

Can I still receive a refund on my parking fee?

Unfortunately due to not holding any cash on site we can no longer refund your parking fee at any of our leisure centres. We are currently working with Canterbury Council on a resolution for this.

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