Due to customer feedback, we are changing our class booking and cancellation policy.

From Friday 10th May, charges for late cancellations and no shows will be applied as follows:

Over 2 hours notice: Classes must be cancelled more than 2 hours before the class start time to avoid a charge.
Under 2 hours notice: Classes cancelled within 2 hours of the start time will be charged at 50% of the non-member rate.
No Notification / No Shows: No shows will be charged at the full non-member class rate.

All members will be given 3 “strikes” that will be automatically removed each time a late cancellation occurs for up to 3 instances during a 12 month period. We feel that this should be sufficient for those times when there is no opportunity to cancel a booking within the time frames of our policy because of a genuine emergency.

Strikes cannot be used against class no shows and a full member rate will be applied.

Our promise to you:

We appreciate how frustrating it can be when an instructor is absent from a class. Our promise to you is that if we fail to give you two hours notice of a class cancellation, all bookings impacted will receive a free additional strike on to their current strike balance.

We encourage cancellations to be made online or via the app whenever possible. Please ask at reception for your online log in details.

Charges can be appealed in exceptional circumstances by emailing appeals@activelifeltd.co.uk

Late fees on your account for 30 days will result in booking privileges being withdrawn until the debt is paid in full.
Repeated instances of no shows may result in the suspension of your advanced booking privileges.

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