Booking Your Sessions

Book on the go. We have now launched our new android and apple Smartphone app, so you always have your fitness facility in your pocket and can easily and conveniently book and pay on the go! You can still book and pay for classes and sports hall sessions in advance by phone and online or at your local centre. Advanced booking is available for sports hall and studio sessions.

Smartphone App

Members: To use the Smartphone app, you will need to download it to your apple or android mobile device using the links below.
Non-Members: Although booking facilities are not currently available to non-members, the app has useful information for everybody

android apple-download

Book Online

Members: To book online, you will need to have your membership number and your PIN code handy. Log in details are available at your centre.
Non-Members: Online booking is not currently available to non-members.

Telephone Booking

Members: You can book your favourite class or activity up to 7 days in advance either online, in person at a centre or by telephone.
Non-Members: You can book a class or activity 24 hours in advance. Payment is required at the time of booking.

Centre Telephone Numbers

Kingsmead Leisure Centre – 01227 769818
Herons Leisure Centre – 01227 742102
Whitstable Swimming Pool – 01227 772442
Whitstable Sports Centre – 01227 274394
The Bay Sports Arena – 01227 366921
Renaissance Gentle Gym – 01227 479476

Booking is strongly advised for all fitness classes. Not only will this ensure your place in the class, but also if a class is cancelled we will be able to inform you at the earliest opportunity using your booking contact details. If a booking needs to be cancelled this can be done via the app or your online booking account, over the telephone or in person at reception. You must give a minimum of 6 hours notice to avoid a charge. Details of charges are listed below.

Late Cancellation Charges

Late cancellations


You may have experienced this scenario yourself; you go to book onto a class but find it’s fully booked but then find out a few people didn’t turn up and there were spaces afterall. We know this is frustrating to those that missed out and so we will apply late cancellation charges to participants that cancel late or don’t turn up.

  • Cancellations more than 2 hours before the class will not be charged.
  • Cancellations within 2 hours of the class will be charged 50% of the non-member rate for that class.
  • Unattended classes (no show) will be charged 100% of the non-member rate for that class.

On occasion it may be necessary for a class to be cancelled or for the class instructor to be changed, Active Life reserves the right to do this at anytime. Where possible advance notice will be given to those members who have booked the affected class, however this may not always be possible. If you are new to the class please arrive before the warm-up commences, allowing appropriate time to discuss with the instructor your suitability for the class. Participants will not be allowed in the fitness studios once the warm-up has commenced to ensure the safety of you and other participants. Please ensure you have read the full studio guidelines, which are located in each studio.

All members will be given 3 “strikes” that will be removed each time a late cancellation occurs for up to 3 instances during a 12 month period. We feel that this should be sufficient for those times when there is no opportunity to cancel a booking within the time frames of our policy because of a genuine emergency. Strikes cannot be used against class no shows and a full non member rate will be applied.

Our promise to you – We appreciate how frustrating it can be when an instructor is absent from a class. Our promise to you is that if we fail to give you two hours notice of a class cancellation, all bookings impacted will receive a free additional strike on to their current strike balance.

PLEASE NOTE: Late fees on your account for 14 days or more and/or repeated instances of no shows may result in the suspension of your advanced phone and online booking privileges. We would encourage cancellations to be made online or via the app whenever possible. Please ask at reception for your online log in details.

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