The Swim Academy

It's never too early or too late to learn how to swim at The Active Life Swim Academy!
The Active Life Swim Academy offers a wide range of lessons and activities for all ages and abilities across our 3 swimming pools. Following the Amateur Swimming Association Teaching Plan, our friendly and qualified teachers and instructors are there to guide you through each stage of your learning journey. From water babies to competitive swimming, we are confident that we provide quality sessions with fantastic instruction in the best facilities in the area.


Water Babies

AGE: 2½ Months - 3 Years
By introducing your baby to swimming from an early age, you are starting them on a habit that will last a lifetime and teaching them an important and potentially life-saving skill. A fun and rewarding experience, Water Babies sessions help build the bond and trust between you and your baby. It's also a great way to exercise.
The following Water Babies sessions are available at all 3 of our swimming pools:
  • Little Floaters - Age: 2 1/2 - 12 months
  • Little Splashers - Age: 12 - 24 months
  • Little Kickers - Age: 24 - 36 months


The Nursery

AGE: 3 - 5 Years
The Nursery is split into three levels based on ability and age. Each stage has been carefully designed with a balanced set of activities including swimming technique, safety skills, floating, individual and group work including songs and games. However, the emphasis remains on learning through having fun! Your child will develop their water confidence, stroke development and learn essential life-saving skills.
The following Nursery sessions are available at all 3 of our swimming pools:
  • Starfish - Age: 3 - 4 Years • Ability: Beginners
  • Tadpoles - Age: 4 - 5 Years • Ability: Beginners
  • Minnows - Age: 4 - 5 Years • Ability: Advanced


The Swim School

AGE: 5 Years - Adult
Pupils aged 5 and over, of all abilities, are welcome to The Swim School. Whether your child has taken part in our Water Babies sessions or attended The Nursery classes, or have only ever splashed around with the family or on holiday, we¹ll have a class that¹s just right for them. Our stages cater for children who are starting from scratch to those who have a little more confidence and are already swimming independently and just need to develop their stroke. At each stage of their journey, your child will recieve a certificate and badge to mark their progress through the stages and recognise their achievement.
Children are grouped by skill rather than age, in the following levels:
  • Terrapins - Asa Stage 1
  • Turtles - Asa Stage 2
  • Mantarays - Asa Stage 3
  • Seals - Asa Stage 4
  • Dolphins - Asa Stage 5
  • Whales - Asa Stage 6
  • Sharks - Asa Stage 7
  • Orca - Asa Stage 8


Swim Clubs

Further Learning
Once through to Stage 8, we offer a wide range of other activities to try.
  • Rookie Lifesaving
  • Diving
  • Competitive Swimming (City Of Canterbury Swimming Club & Herne Bay Swimming Club)
  • Masters
  • Triathlon Training
  • Private Lessons (Adult Lessons & Children¹s Lessons)
  • Adult Group Lessons
  • Water Polo
  • Synchronised Swimming
  • Swim Fit


2016 Swim Academy Prices

Water Babies
For your convenience, our Water Babies sessions (30 mins) are pay as you go.
5 Star: £5.70 • 4 Star: £5.70 • 3 Star: £5.70 • Non-Member: £7.00
The Nursery & The Swim School
Our low cost Swim Academy Membership allows you to spread out your swimming lesson payments over the year. Membership for The Nursery and The Swim School lessons costs just £23.00 per month  (August FOC) which includes 4 Star Membership, plus unlimited swimming. This allows your child to swim for free at any of our three swimming pools.
Alternatively, our Nursery and Swim School sessions (30 mins) are available in 10 week blocks.
5 Star: £57.00 • 4 Star: £57.00 • 3 Star: £57.00 • Non-Member: £70.00
Swim Clubs - Rookie Lifeguard
Our Rookie Lifeguard Membership is available at £28.00 per month (August FOC) and includes 4 Star Membership, plus unlimited swimming at any of our three pools.
Alternatively, our Rookie Lifeguard sessions (60 mins) are available in 10 week blocks.
5 Star: £70.00 • 4 Star: £70.00 • 3 Star: £70.00 • Non-Member: £90.00
Swim Clubs - Other Further Learning Options
Adult Group Beginner Swimming Lessons (45 mins) are available in 6 week blocks.
5 Star: £42.00 • 4 Star: £42.00 • 3 Star: £42.00 • Non-Member: £54.00
Adult Group Intermediate Swimming Lessons (30 mins) are available in 6 week blocks.
5 Star: £36.00 • 4 Star: £36.00 • 3 Star: £36.00 • Non-Member: £48.00
Private Swimming Lessons (30 mins) are pay as you go.
5 Star: £17.00 • 4 Star: £17.00 • 3 Star: £17.00 • Non-Member: £21.00
For all other Swim Club sessions, please contact your local centre for details.
Please Note: A 2 week cancellation fee applies to all block lesson bookings.


Contact your centre

If you would like more information about swimming lessons please contact your preferred swimming pool
Kingsmead Leisure Centre - 01227 769818
Whitstable Swimming Pool - 01227 772442
Herons Leisure Centre - 01227 742102
Our Swimming Lessons Terms and Conditions are available here