***UPDATE 03/04/17 
We understand that there were some issues and confusion over the weekend with the William Street Car Park in Herne Bay following the change to charges and procedures. We have requested and are waiting for an update from Canterbury City Council about the situation. Please bear with us and the staff at Herons Leisure Centre while we wait for further news and instructions. We will update you as soon as we have any news. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

From April 1st two hours free parking will continue for Active Life customers using Herons Leisure Centre. However, you will have to use a barcode at the payment machines to obtain the concession.

Exact arrangements are still being discussed but it is expected that:

· You will drive into the car park and the ANPR system will record your registration number and time of arrival
· You will receive a barcode from Reception at the centre
· On returning to your car you will need to stop at the pay machine and enter your vehicle registration.
· The amount to pay will be displayed along with a message which asks if you have a discount barcode
· There will be a barcode reader fitted to the pay machine to accept your barcode
· If you are within the free period you will be asked to drive out
· If you have stayed beyond the two hours you will be asked to pay the difference
· As you drive out the barrier opens automatically

Even if you are registered as an account holder you will have to pay at the machine if you want the discount.

Machines accept contactless payments.

The barcodes can only be used once and will only be valid for the day they are issued.

If these details change we will endeavour to keep you posted as soon as possible.

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